Lash & Hair Extensions

All pricing for extensions will be based on consultations from an extension expert.

We specialize in the ILLUSION™ method of extensions

ILLUSION™ is a patent-pending, advanced hair extension installation method. It allows the track and beads to be completely hidden within the natural hair so no beads will ever be visible! Plus, it’s totally weightless so it’s WAY more comfortable, growing out isn’t a frustrating problem, AND it does not damage your hair!

What sets our Luxe weft apart? Of all Hand-Tied and Narrow Edge extensions on the market, the Luxe weft is:

  • Most lightweight and seamless (no bulk)
  • Less tangling
  • Less shedding
  • Individual bundles laid by hand on a seamless keratin-bonded track (the most innovative luxury design on the market)
  • Maximum flexibility (perfect for hair up or down)
  • Perfect for fine or thick-haired clients
  • Maximum volume from root to ends (even a little goes a long way)
  • Longest lasting of all extensions
  • Supports our anti-sweatshop standard of excellence
Luxe Extensions
Luxe Extensions

Are you a stylist and want to learn about the ILLUSION™ method of installation? Contact our owner at to learn more about setting up a class.


    2 Week Fill$65
    3 Week Fill $80
    2 Week Fill$70
    3 Week Fill $85
    Volume $225
    2 Week Fill$75
    3 Week Fill $90
    Mega Volume$245
    2 Week Fill$80
    3 Week Fill $95

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