Meet the Team

New Talent

These New Talent stylists are new to the industry and working to refine their skill. They are currently undergoing training and need guests to help them develop and grow their practice. All services are checked by a mentor team member at our salon so you can feel confident you are in great hands. You can expect a lower price, and you’ll want to budget some extra time, as you’ll be in the salon a bit longer than you would be with a more experienced team member.

Levels 1-3

These stylists create an amazing experience for you at a price that fits any budget. Our Levels 1-3 stylists are in their first few years of their stylist career with our salon and have completed our intensive salon training program. You can expect a fair price and great service.

Levels 4-5

These stylists have been in the industry for several years or more and have worked hard to become excellent at what they do. Our Levels 4-5 are developing their craft and specialize in different services. This level provides you with mid-level luxury, and the comfort of working with a skillful service provider who exemplifies the salon guest service standard.

Levels 6-7

These stylists have been in the industry the longest and are experts at their craft. Completing many hours of education and over 7+ years of hands-on time with guests, each of our Level 6-7 stylists have identified an individual area of passion and expertise in the hair industry. These stylists excel across the board, but if you have something specific you are interested in, then be sure to ask about it when you book so we can place you with an advanced stylist who specializes in your exact need.

Cris Manwell

Owner, Salon Director, Lead MUA, Educator

Tiffany Pitt

Salon Floor Director, New Talent Educator, Licensed NBR Artist

Sky Anderson

Customer Care & Social Media Director

Tanya Enriquez

Senior Level Stylist, Skin Care Specialist

Jennifer Provencher

Stylist, Technical Cutting Specialist, Recruitment

Amanda Rodello

Stylist, Lash Artist, Skin Care Specialist

Cara Cavender

New Talent Artist

Ava Feaster

New Talent Artist

Rayah Decker

LMT, Reiki Healer