Our favorite ways to fight “maskne”

By now, we’ve all gotten the memo that we need to wear masks in public spaces for the foreseeable future to reduce our chances of catching or spreading COVID-19. And many of us are starting to notice that wearing a mask can cause acne, or as we like to call it, maskne, on our chins, cheeks and noses. But there’s no need to stress—our beauty gurus at the best Aveda Salon, located near Loveland, have the details on how to fight maskne and keep your skin healthy and gorgeous. Read on!


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Acne under your mask can be caused by dirt, sweat and bacteria that is trapped under your mask—this can cause skin congestion and blemishes. But if you use the right products and adapt your skincare routine a bit, you can help reduce the chances of acne caused by your face coverings.


Aveda’s Outer Peace Acne Relief Pads are our go-to when it comes to fighting hard-to-beat acne. These pads cleanse, exfoliate and unclog pores, reducing blackheads and breakouts. They’re infused with plant-powered ingredients that leave your skin looking fresh and beautiful. You can shop them here.


In addition to incorporating the Acne Relief Pads, we recommend adding a facial to your regular skincare routine. We have expertly trained estheticians in Johnstown that can customize your facial experience to heal and hydrate the skin under your mask, giving your skin the TLC it needs to fight acne. Check out a list of our facial services here.

Maskne is frustrating, but it can definitely be treated with the right combination of skincare products and services. Our beauty experts at Cristiana Salon Spa are happy to help you find the perfect fit for you so that you can get your glow on, with or without a mask. Book your appointment at our salon and spa, conveniently located near Loveland and Windsor, here—we can’t wait to see you!