Are You Listening To Your Hair?


Has your hair been giving you attitude? Here at Cristiana Salon Spa, we definitely know the feeling. If you’re like us, a good hair day can set the tone for an amazing, productive morning and a bad hair day…well, you might as well throw your hair into a bun and crawl back into bed. Before you blame your wayward strands on skipping wash day one too many times, stop and think about what your hair might be trying to tell you.

Suffering From Oily Roots?


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We love freshening up our locks with dry shampoo just as much as the next guy, but if you find yourself reaching for the bottle every morning, your scalp might be producing too much oil. While a little oil is healthy and acts as a protective coating for your hair, excessive oil can cause a whole bunch of problems! Aside from leaving your hair feeling dirty, the oil can clog your roots and even cause hair loss. No, thank you! Luckily for you, we have a solution. Aveda’s Pramasana Scalp Cleanser balances oil levels and creates a flawless foundation for beautiful hair. Check it out online here.

Brittle Ends Getting You Down?


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As frustrating as a greasy scalp can be, dry ends are just as difficult to manage. If your hair has trouble retaining moisture, your beautiful strands can appear dull and brittle. Dry hair can even cause breakage and frizz! But wait—don’t grab that hat yet! If your hair desperately needs moisture, Aveda’s Nutriplenish line is exactly what you need. The set comes with shampoo, conditioner, and a leave-in conditioner to boost nutrient-powered hydration. Find the Nutriplenish collection here or stop by and shop.

Ready to get your hair under control? Stop by Cristiana Salon Spa today and let our team help you shop Aveda products for all your hair needs. Want to switch your look up for fall? Book an appointment with us here.